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Our Story

Welcome & thank you for visiting!  Whether you are a current client or just passing through, we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about us.  As the longest continuously owned group of veterinary providers in Dickey & LaMoure county, we take pride in setting the standard for reliable, affordable care for your pets and livestock.  When you arrive with your beloved pet you can take comfort in the consistency of our care, which is unmatched by any other clinic in the region.  Likewise, when it’s time to have cattle work done, you will get the most experienced, efficient, knowledgeable vets on your farm…every time. 

Open, transparent communication is the cornerstone of our business.  In a world of uncertainty, we want every person walking through our doors to feel confident in the quality and value of our care.  We will take the time to present our treatment plans, outline the costs, and give you realistic expectations.  We maintain this level of communication long after your appointment is finished.  We will follow up after visits to make sure your pet is doing well.  This helps us to build trust and familiarity with you and your pet. 

Any vet clinic can say they have high standards, but we went the extra mile years ago to PROVE our standards.  We are the ONLY RURAL AAHA-Accredited veterinary group in the region.  This means you must drive to Fargo or Bismarck to find another veterinary provider willing to follow the same rigorous standards.  The best part?  It won’t cost you extra.  We are one of the most affordable providers in the region.  We know we offer great care at a great price, that’s why we’re the only practice in the region willing to put our prices on our website!

Our Team.

Oakes, Edgeley & Ellendale Veterinary Services is run by Drs. Ben and Carrie Swier-Galbreath and our dedicated veterinary team. Our full-service animal hospitals offer routine and emergency care to small animals like dogs, cats, and baby pets. We also offer extensive vet care services to cattle.

Our clean, comfortable, clinical environment will put your pet at ease while waiting for his appointment. Our team’s first-rate, professional services will ensure he gets superior care.

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Dr. Carrie Swier-Galbreath


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Veterinary Assistant


Dr. Ben Galbreath




Veterinary Assistant

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Veterinary Technician

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