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Preventative Care

Our primary care teams are the first point of contact for all of your pet’s needs, from check-ups to tummy-aches. We understand that no question is too small, which is why we are here to answer them for you, year after year. Our leading care teams get to know both you and your pets, which helps us deliver world-class veterinary medicine with hometown care.

Preventative Care

At Oakes, Edgeley & Ellendale Veterinary Service we recommend regular comprehensive wellness exams from the time pets are young. Wellness exams are a critical part of your pet’s healthcare routine no matter what their size, breed, or age. Routine wellness exams are important to maintain your pet’s wellbeing and detect any medical issues before they progress. During your pet’s exam, we will assess their overall body condition, eyes, ears, mouth, internal organs and systems, skin and much more. We will also discuss with you any other recommended services, such as dental cleanings or diagnostic testing. If any areas of concern are identified during your pet’s exam, we will develop a treatment plan together.

We use the best standards in veterinary medicine: AAHA: Veterinary Excellence Guidelines for Pet Vaccinations. Many vaccines are available for use in dogs and cats. But not every pet needs every available vaccine. Our doctors are using the best standards of veterinary excellence. Our goal is to give you the best advice for keeping your pet healthy. Let us develop a vaccination plan that accounts for your pet's lifestyle, overall health, risk for exposure to disease & other factors.

When your pet gets their annual wellness checkup, here’s what you can expect. First, your pet will be checked over in a general way that starts with a physical examination. This is done to help catch any potential obvious problems such as deformities, growths, areas of pain or discomfort, or motility issues.

During the visit, you’ll discuss your pet’s health at home, and you’ll have the opportunity to convey anything that may be concerning you, such as changes in behavior or appetite, or anything else that’s changed since the last visit. Your vet will also ask you specific questions in order to highlight common potential issues, as well as to get a better sense of the animal’s lifestyle at home.

Next, your pet’s file will be carefully reviewed, with an eye toward ensuring that all preventative treatments and any local government mandated animal treatments are brought up to date during the annual wellness checkup. These may include things like:

- Vaccinations
- Bloodwork
- Parasite control treatments

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