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  • What’s a Wellness Plan?
    OEEVS Wellness Plans provide comprehensive, affordable, and year-long packages of preventive pet care services tailored to meet the diverse needs, ages, and lifestyles of pets. These plans include essential services such as vaccinations, parasite prevention, physical examinations, dental care, nutritional counseling, and diagnostic screenings, ensuring pets receive regular check-ups and preventive treatments for optimal health. With flexible payment options and convenient access to veterinary care, our plans offer peace of mind and promote long-term wellness by facilitating early detection of potential health issues. Choose an OEEVS Wellness Plan to give your pet the gift of a healthier, happier life. See more about what you get.
  • Why do puppies or kittens need a wellness plan?
    Well, think of it as setting them up for success right from the start! Our plans are like the ultimate toolkit for your little furball, packed with all the essentials they need to thrive. From routinely recommended diagnostic tests and vaccines to boosters and deworming, our plans cover it all. Plus, with our Plus plan, you even get a spay or neuter included, ensuring your furry friend gets off to the healthiest start possible. Check out our puppy and kitten packages today and give your new BFF the wellness foundation they deserve.
  • Why do healthy adult pets need a wellness plan?
    It's all about keeping them in tip-top shape with consistent preventive care! Shielding pets from parasites, infections, and diseases is crucial for their overall well-being. With regular testing and examinations included in our wellness plans, we can catch and address any issues early on, preventing them from escalating into bigger problems. Explore our dog and cat packages today to ensure your furry friend stays happy and healthy for years to come.
  • How do I access the services included in my pet's wellness plan?
    Pets receive their wellness services during a scheduled comprehensive exam included in their plan. If your pet isn't feeling well and needs extra care beyond these wellness visits, simply schedule another appointment with us. Every plan member receives 50% off a comprehensive physical exam for their sick pet. Book an appointment today to ensure your furry friend gets the attention they need and deserve.
  • What sets a Wellness plan apart from pet insurance?
    Insurance tends to be reactive; Wellness plan takes a proactive approach. In simpler terms, insurance typically covers treatment for unexpected illnesses or injuries, sometimes with deductibles, whereas Wellness plans are all about preventive wellness care. Each Wellness plan offers a 12-month package of preventive pet care services, such as physical exams and vaccinations, diagnostics, deworming, etc. Wellness plans are for both new and existing pet health concerns, a single base price regardless of breed, age, or pre-existing conditions, and no deductibles to worry about. On the other hand, pet insurance generally only covers treatments for illnesses and injuries, with fees varying based on the pet's breed and age, and indemnity coverage kicking in after the deductible is met.
  • How can I manage payments for my pet's Wellness plan?
    Upon enrollment confirmation, you'll have two options: Pay for the full year upfront and renew annually (with no enrollment fee if you re-enroll within 90 days of your pet's last OWP). Opt for a 12-month payment plan with AutoPay, ensuring automatic renewal of your pet’s wellness plan each year without an additional enrollment fee.
  • When do I make payments for services with an OWP?
    Your pet’s Wellness plan covers a comprehensive set of preventive services for their wellness. Any products or services outside of this package are billed separately, some items are discounted based on your Wellness plan.
  • Wait, I get a discount on products and services not in my pet's Wellness plan?
    Absolutely! You do receive a discount on products and services not included in your pet's Wellness plan. The discount ranges from 10% to 50%. For example, you'll enjoy a 10% discount on Science Diet food purchased in the clinic and a whopping 50% off additional comprehensive examinations.
  • What’s the schedule for monthly payments?
    Your initial payment, along with a one-time enrollment fee, is required upon confirming your pet’s enrollment with your veterinary team. Subsequent payments can be scheduled for the 20th of each month.
  • Can I choose any OWP I want?
    Since wellness plans offer veterinary wellness care, the examining veterinarian holds the sole discretion to confirm your pet's eligibility for any plan. They may also recommend a different wellness plan or options based on your pet's health needs. It's important to note that puppy and kitten plans are only available for pets under six months old.
  • Can I customize my pet’s wellness plan however I want?
    Wellness plans are bundled packages, but we also provide various customizable add-ons, such as parasite control and other options, at a discounted rate. Additionally, you have the option to include the cost of these add-ons in your monthly payment plan. Don't hesitate to inquire about add-on options from your veterinary team when confirming your pet’s wellness plan during your initial appointment.
  • Can I switch OWPs once I start?
    We typically suggest considering a switch when your pet’s wellness package is due for renewal. Feel free to discuss with your veterinary team to determine what's best for you and your pet.
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