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Wisdom Panel™ DNA Testing

Like most pet parents, we want to know everything about our pets. Our services include the Wisdom Panel Premium (for dogs) and the Wisdom Panel Complete (for cats), which provide more information than any other dog or cat DNA test. Unlock near-encyclopedic knowledge of your pet’s breed mix, genetic health, traits and relatives. You’ll get extensive health insights with over 265+ health tests. With Wisdom Panel Premium you will gain the knowledge you need to give your pet the best care.

4 Easy Steps.
One Comprehensive Report.

Pets deserve a new level of care. How do we make that happen? By understanding every part of our pets, big and small. And that’s exactly what DNA lets us do.

Breed Insights
Breed mix affects everything from temperament to activity needs. Our tests give you the most accurate breed reporting and detection, so you can truly understand all the details hiding in your dog’s DNA.

Curious about your dog’s siblings, parents, and other (non-human) family? When we test your pup’s sample, we'll search for their genetic relatives, so you can message them, compare DNA results, view photos, and more. (Fun fact: 99.9% of the dogs tested have a match).

With data from 4 million + pets, our tests can detect genetic disorders and health risks in individual pets. So you (and us vets) can help give your pet the best care.

Wisdom Panel™ Premium has 265+ health tests, covering everything from potential vision disorders to mobility issues. Explore all of the tests below!

OEEVS offers pick-up and home delivery of medications, including heartworm and flea & tick preventives, and prescription diets. We also offer monthly preventive mailouts so your pet never misses a dose!

Get ahead of health risks with Wisdom Panel™

Wisdom Panel Premium has 265+ health tests for dogs and 45+ health tests for cats, covering everything from potential vision disorders to mobility issues. That’s valuable pieces of information that will help you tailor your dog or cat's care and plan for every stage of life.

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